Mastering Rates

Online Mastering

1 Track £25.00

2 Tracks £50.00 £46.00

3 Tracks £75.00 £65.00

The most popular mastering option. Analogue / Digital processing for any number of tracks however, contact if needing more than 3 tracks (e.g EP’s, Album’s) for the best possible price.

Stem Mastering

1 Track £50

2 Tracks £100 £95

3 Tracks £150 £140

Stem mastering involves bouncing out multiple channels (up to 5 stereo tracks) that give the mastering engineer more flexibility when processing. As projects involving stem mastering take longer to complete, this is reflected in the price offered. Like the single track mastering it works out more cost effective to have more than 1 track mastered at a time.

*Due to the length of time taken to complete stem masters please contact in advance if these are needed in a hurry.

Block Bookings

5 Tracks £125 £115

10 Tracks £250 £230

15 Tracks £375 £345

Block bookings are ideal for those looking to benefit from bulk purchases while keeping the flexibility to have tracks mastered whenever needed. This allows better value without having to commit to having several tracks mastered at once.

How to pay?

Please use the payment form below to get started. If the option for number of tracks needed is not there please contact for a personalised quote

Need help?

If you have any questions regarding payment feel free to send an email to for further details.